Genre: Coop Arcade
Platform: Android mobile
Tools: UE4 / Photoshop / Illustrator
Year: 2018


Kosmonaut is a local cooperative video game for Android mobile platform.

This project was made for the Global Game Jam 2018.

The game is about a Russian cosmonaut stranded in space and her husband on Earth.

Each player has to find an invisible point in their half of the screen with their fingers. If both are in the correct point, Svetlana and Anatoli will be able to communicate.

  • Set up the concept idea and the main mechanics/gameplay. Worked with the theme of "Transmission" given by the Global Game Jam.

  • Went into details about dynamics of the video game. Worked on how to expand and give depth to the game (obstacles/enemies, power ups..).

  • Worked on the UX.

  • Made 2D assets.

  • Global Game Jam hosted by Demium Games in Madrid. Kosmonaut won 5 awards:

               Best Art.                   Best Game Design.                Best UX.                  Best Pitch.                   Demium Games Award.


  • Link to the Global Game Jam site:

  • 10 people team.

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