Genre: First person puzzler / Shooter
Platform: PC
Tools: Unreal Engine 4
Year: 2017


Element 0 is a first-person puzzler game with shooter mechanics.

The story of Element 0 is set in a fictional near future, where 2 factions are in war, one of which created the device T-B13 to win.
Our protagonist, Erwin, wakes up after an accident that arises after the final test to create the weapon T-B13, w
hen the dimensions were mixed. Now, Erwin doesn't remember who he is, but a voice on the radio gives him instructions on what to do.

The game is based on the existence of 2 parallel dimensions, and your goal is to solve puzzles by mixing elements between them in order to move forward. You will have to survive and fight the threats from other dimensions.

  • Mechanics/gameplay. Worked to produce consistent and playable mechanics.

  • Dynamics. Worked to expand and give depth to the game.

  • Level design. Mixed the puzzles and the shooting mechanics to make the player feel de-stressed and get a nice pacing.

  • Shooter mechanics. Worked along the programming team on the shooter mechanics.

  • Metrics.

  • UX. Worked on a clear distinction between puzzle and shooter mechanics.

  • QA. 

  • Documentation. GDD, beatchart, organisation, new mechanics, speeches.


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